• Anxiety


    Do you lie awake at night worrying about things that you know are irrational, yet you just can’t help it? Do you often feel like something bad is just waiting to jump out of the corner and say ‘surprise!’? Is your body trying to tell you something, but you’re ignoring the insomnia, the stomach pains, the skin breakouts, and the heart palpitations?  

    If you can’t ignore your anxiety anymore, we’re here to help so that it no longer controls you. Let’s face it, living in today’s world makes it easy for anxiety to rear its head, but with the right counseling you can stop it in its tracks. Learn to deal with anxiety in a healthy way – your body will thank you for it! 

     Testimonials – Anxiety Can be Overcome 

    I learned that self care is not selfish.”

    “I was encouraged to increase my self love and that helped me a lot. It decreased my shame and lessened my anxiety.”

    “By counseling I was able to improve my ability to be aware of my thoughts and feelings related to stressful events in my life.”

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