• Depression


    Are you clicking ‘snooze’ every morning, even though you used to wake up motivated and ready for work? Are you at a point where you feel so helpless, no matter how many motivational podcasts you listen to or daily affirmations you read? Have you isolated yourself from the world? Constantly bailing out of plans and losing touch with the people who once mattered most? Do you just feel numb, constantly on the verge of tears, and guilty for feeling this way?

    We don’t know your exact situation, but we do know that depression can be beaten – even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. We equip you with effective coping tools to help you understand your depression, recognize the signs, and work on your triggers. Together we develop your ability to get out of depression and help you avoid it in the future. We’ve had great success in reducing depressive symptoms from severe to mild within a time frame of as short as 3 to 4 months. 

    Testimonials – You’re Not Alone 

    I learned that it was good to share what I was feeling to an impartial person, not just a friend as the therapist gave me valuable feedback.

    “Doing counseling gave me hope that I can feel better and don’t have to stay depressed.”

    “I have learned how to find Joy and that sometimes the joy is to be found within myself and not relying on other people to give it to me.”

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