• Divorce Counseling

    Divorce Counseling

    You made a decision to divorce and you thought the worst was over. However, now you have constant anxiety because your ex is emailing you all the time and the fights over co parenting are becoming so difficult to bear that you’re losing sleep and find you can’t concentrate at work. How can you move on and get over this so that you can get on with the business of living your post divorce happy life?

    As someone who has been through a divorce, Michelle Muff knows exactly the pain and trials of going through a divorce. It is possible to accept the past and learn to find joy even when your children are not with you. There are strategies to learn to help you communicate effectively and maintain the boundaries that will protect you from the harmful effects of complex post divorce trauma.

    Testimonials – Post Divorce Recovery

    “I learned that self care is not selfish.”

    “I was encouraged to increase my self love and that helped me a lot. It decreased my shame and lessened my anxiety.”

    “By counseling I was able to improve my ability to be aware of my thoughts and feelings related to stressful events in my life.”

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