• Family Counseling

    Family Counseling

    Parenting a child or teen with mental health is challenging. Researchers have found that the greater the number of problems a parent’s child experiences, the lower the parent’s positive affect (happiness). It is tough being a parent, but add to that the problems in managing ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders and poor academic functioning oftentimes the whole family suffers. If you sense that your child is depressed, anxious or does not seem to get along with peers, and is not doing well academically it is time to seek help.

    Providing family counseling online is a perfect solution to get your family to the session with convenience to discuss the problems that you are facing. Working either in an individual session or family session helps define the problem for your teen, develop solutions and increase positive communication. Cognitive strategies and neuroscience research will increase your understanding of your child’s development difficulties and bring clarity to the chaos.

    Testimonials – Family Matters

    “I learned to parent with peace and calm. Sometimes I was the one that needed a time out and taking one was the best thing I could do to help my child.”

    “By implementing the “name it to tame it” technique my child calmed down.”

    “I learned to help name my child’s emotions so that they could be heard.”

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