• Marriage Counseling

    Marriage Counseling

    You made a commitment to love and cherish your partner. Now you’re not sure. Have you ever thought that you married the wrong person? Maybe you wish you could go back in time and undo your marriage vows? Or perhaps you hardly talk to each other, and spend your evenings engrossed on your phone or emails? Is the fiery passion you once had for one another been replaced with heated arguments? If you feel more alone married and are tired of fighting, it’s time to seek outside help.

    The anger and loneliness does not have to continue. We help couples find peace and unity in their relationship. We teach couples to overcome their difficulties, learn to forgive and rebuild trust, and improve communication. We utilize marriage building techniques that enable your spouse to hear what you have to say and verbalize acceptance and appreciation.

    As someone who has been through a divorce, Michelle Muff knows exactly the pain and trials of going through a divorce. You might feel despair in having to make a crucial lifetime decision that could affect your children. Michelle has the personal and professional experience to guide you towards the best choice for you and your family. She knows the anguish in the decision to stay married or divorce and has experienced first hand the grief associated with ending a relationship. She will help you navigate this difficult journey advocating for couple unity and reconciliation or to leave the relationship with grace.

    Testimonials – Marriage Can Work

    “I think this was the most beneficial therapy. I feel like a new person. I actually got things out of it. I am happier. Have more energy to do things, and my self-confidence has improved. I also am talking more with my spouse.”

    “I have learned to communicate better and the importance of spending time together.”

    “My awareness of my emotions have improved and so I have less lashing out at my partner.”

    If you’re wanting to work on communication, become a better partner or find out if marriage is still in the best interests for the two of you, schedule an appointment here.