• Parents Of Teens

    Parents Of Teens

    I am a parent of two teenagers and know the highs and lows of parenting teens. I am here to help you with your journey in the life of parenting teens.

    As a parent of a teenager you may find that you are feeling at times that you have failed them. You may have a temptation to throw your hands up in frustration and say, “I give up.” or “I have failed.”

    Your teenager knows how to trigger your own emotional reaction by criticizing you. They often find a way to blame the parent for their own shortcomings or problems.

    Parenting teens can be a wonderful time of letting go and experiencing the pride and satisfaction in your parenting and in your child.

    But what about the times when they do not seem to be making it? What about the times when you are at a loss about what to do and they seem depressed, alienated, alone and not doing well in school?

    To whom to you turn to?

    You may not want to talk to a friend or a family member as they just don’t seem to understand, and you may want to keep it private. Do you feel comfortable in sharing with a relative that you caught your child using drugs? Where do you go when you want to keep it private, but need some additional support?

    Look no further, I am here to help you.

    I am here to help you with the feelings of despair, loneliness and confusion that parenting a teen can bring. Perhaps you need direction with how to handle your child’s bully, treat depression, anxiety, legal problems, divorce, ADHD, etc. Don’t go on this journal alone without the support of a neutral objective party. I am here to help you, listen, highlight and challenge your thinking and support you on the way to peace and joy in the journey of parenting your teen.

    Don’t delay, give me a call today. I can’t wait to share in your journey. +1 (507) 310-1321.