• Dr. Dana Houck

    Dr. Dana Houck

    Doctorate of Education in Counseling and Psychology

    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    Since 1985, I’ve worked with families and individuals to overcome hopelessness, chronic sadness, depression and anxiety. I have a Doctorate of Education in Counseling and Psychology and I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of MN. As a Junian therapist and dream analysis expert, my goal is to help you pursue your highest self and guide you on your journey to finding your calling and purpose in life.

    Become ‘Unstuck’ and Create a Sense of Wholeness in Your Life

    I believe that events come into your life for a reason. Some events can be used to help you grow in ways you may not have perceived. Some may seem dark and hopeless, while others lighter with potential, yet these are all temporary, the good and the bad.

    I Have Seen the Hand of God Change People in Positive Ways

    As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor I have helped many people, but none of it has been possible without the hand of God who has changed people in positive ways. I have helped the most hardened criminal awaken to a life that opened their hearts and souls to become productive and caring people in the families and communities. I’ve aided children to help them find their calling and live joyfully in creative ways.

    I Have Personally Been Through the “Dark Night” And Found Positivity

    While it may not seem like it, there is a way through it where eyes can be opened and lives that once were empty are filled with newness and possibility. It’s a process but through it, “callings” can be answered and fulfilled. This in turn positively affects one’s life, family life, and the community.

    All of this is possible for those who are seeking to change, or for those who may be “asked” to change. Having worked in a prison setting and in various church settings I can attest to the presence of the Spirit that seeks our best in all of life.

    My Therapeutic Approach

    My therapeutic approach comes from the psychology of C.G. Jung. It was his belief – and my experience – that most mental health problems arise out of spiritual root. I use various methods to aid you: dream work, soul work, creativity, and a deep spiritual understanding.

    Since no two people are the same, I focus on what is right for you and your life. It’s a journey, but with the right tools it can be an exciting and enlightening experience for personal growth.

    My Credentials

    • Master of Divinity Degree – Methodist Theological School in Ohio – Delaware Ohio 1981
    • Doctor of Ministry Degree – North American Baptist Seminary – Sioux Falls 1991
    • Master of Arts in Psychology and Counseling – University of South Dakota – 1993
    • Doctor of Education in Psychology and Counseling – University of South Dakota – 1995


    • Licensed Professional Counselor – South Dakota
    • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Minnesota
    • Licensed School Counselor – Minnesota
    • Ordained Clergy-person – United Methodist Church

    Setting Experience:

    • United Methodist Churches South Dakota and Minnesota
    • Community Counseling Services
    • Residential State Treatment Facility for Developmentally Disabled
    • Minnesota Correctional Facility
    • School Mental Health Counselor