• Teen Counseling

    Teen Counseling

    Being a teenager in this day and age is very hard. The world of the internet has changed so many parts of growing up that were not there before. You may have to deal with cyber bullying, and images that in my day were protected and not available. You are a teens in a world that is getting smaller and smaller.

    You may be feeling unsure and afraid that you do not measure up with the other kids in your class. Perhaps your social anxiety is so strong that you would prefer to be just left alone. Maybe you feel so sad and lonely that you have thought about hurting yourself, but you don’t feel safe to tell your Mom or Dad.

    You could have been offered drugs and alcohol at the last event and you have no grown up to tell as you don’t want to get grounded. Maybe your boyfriend is pressuring you for sex and you are unsure what to do?

    You might be feeling alone, confused, sad and angry because your parents don’t seem to understand you.

    What if your parents are going through a divorce and now you have to live in a new house? You did not get to choose if your parents stay together or not and now you feel that you are to blame.

    These are just a few of the examples of the types of stress and problems today’s teens face. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a grown up that understands you and does not judge you, condemn you or have the power to ground you? I am that person for you.

    I am here to listen, and to let you know you are not alone.

    Many teens feel the same way you do and struggle constantly to fit in. I work with teens that are depressed, lonely, anxious, and confronting some really big decisions with severe consequences if the wrong choice is made. Whatever you are facing you don’t have to deal with the stress and sadness alone. I have fifteen years of working with teens and their parents and I have my own teenagers. I love working with teens and learning from you.

    We can talk on a couch, we can play cards in my play room, or sit together and draw a picture that explains your story. I make sure to meet you where you are at and can’t wait to hear your unique story and struggle. Don’t delay in getting the help and support you need. Call me today or call me with your parent at +1 (507) 310-1321.